Wolves Signature Blend Special Release By Jon Buscemi & James Bond

Wolves Signature Blend Special Release By Jon Buscemi & James Bond

Wolves Whiskey

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To date, Wolves Signature Blend has only been available on the Wolves website and have sold out in minutes. For the first time, Wolves is releasing a variation of it's signature blend! Available for pre-order now!

Wolves’ signature blend offers a taste profile unlike anything else on the market. This is because we distill craft beer, not a grain mash. Coming off the copper Brandy still, these beer distillates have a massive body. They are hoppy, complex, and vanilla-forward. Citrus and chocolate through and through. The sweetness is cut by a Rye whiskey selected for its spice on the back palate.

The beer distillates in this release include whiskey distilled from Stout beer, aged in used French oak for 9 years, whiskey distilled from a California pale ale, aged in used French oak for 7 years, and two 7 year old Rye whiskeys aged in new American oak. The blend exudes all of the vanilla, hops, milk chocolate, and citrus that the signature blend is known for.


Nose: honeysuckle, citrus, hops, milk chocolate, black cherry, warm vanilla

Tasting Notes: tangerine, dark chocolate, hops, oak, citrus, nutmeg

Finish: long and warm on the front palate, rising spice on the finish

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