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Yamato Takeda Shingen Edition Whisky


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Yamato Takeda Shingen Edition Mizunara Cask Japanese Whisky is a 40% Single Malt Japanese Whisky packaged in a 750ml bottle. The Japanese public preferred a softer, smoother, less-smoke version of whisky, and their master distillers worked tirelessly to cater to the public's flavor profile. The result is a whisky that rivals even the legendary scotches because of the quality and never-before-seen flavor and finishes. Not to mention Japan made the whisky Highball famous due to the light, sweet, and floral whiskies effect on sparkling water.

Yamato pairs perfectly with the traditional Japanese whisky flavor profile. You can experience a silky smooth finish, beautiful fruits, and vanillas from the start. Yamato is your entrance into the world of high-end Japanese whisky. Enjoy it either neat or on the rocks.

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