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Convite Una' Mezcalis a pink-hued mezcal created to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

In Zapotec, Una' literally translates to 'woman' – a fitting tribute as Convite rolls out this beautifully-aged, high-quality artisan mezcal. Convite Una' is a true labor of love from start to finish, as Convite's mezcaleros infuse decades of Mexican distilling tradition into every bottle – while the Una' bottle itself pays homage to the feminine spirit.

Naturally tinted with Cochineal, which has been used for centuries and is native to Oaxaca, Convite Una' is an 80 proof Espadín mezcal using meticulously cultivated agaves harvested between seven and eight years hailing from the Zapotec mountains. The precise distillation method, along with selection and purity of natural ingredients, give Convite mezcals a distinctive taste – warm, rich and inviting. 

The idea for Una' derived from the desire to give back to indigenous communities where Convite makes its mezcal. With Convite Una', the goal is to create awareness among women around the importance of periodic breast cancer examinations. These communities are often unaware of preventative breast cancer care or are afraid to approach the health care system – making the work that organizations like FUCAM does mission critical.

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