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Mezcal Nacional Cupreata 1943

Mezcal Nacional

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In 1943, Michoacán was witness to the incredible power of volcanoes. That year, the Parícutin volcano surged suddenly from a cornfield. In the end, two towns were completely buried by lava leaving only the church towers rising dramatically above the hardened lava. Although extremely destructive, the Paricutín allowed modern science to for the first time document the full life cycle of a volcanic eruption of this type.

Mezcal Nacional 1943 was created as a tribute to the great people of Michoacán who never lost the courage and determination to persevere after seeing their towns buried by lava. They carried on and built new towns next to the towns that remain buried by lava.

Mezcal Nacional 1934 is produced from wild and cultivated agave cupreata, among the most prized of the agaves. Agave cupreata, in the right hands can yield a delicate and flavorful mezcal, a worthy tribute to Michoacán and its people.

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