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Espadin Capon is the result of maestro mezcalero Alberto Martinez and his son-in-law Reynaldo harvesting 25 "capon" Espadin. When the agaves sprouted their "quiotes" (stalks), Alberto and Reynaldo castrated the stalks and allowed them to sit in the field for almost one year in order to allow the sugars to re-concentrate in the hearts. After harvesting, pinas are roasted in an underground conical oven with encino oak and acacia leaves for six days. After roasting, they hand-mashed the cooked agave with wooden mallets, mixed with spring water and fermented the agave in underground stone tanks with "tepehuaje" tree bark for six days. The resulting "tepache" and mash were then double-distilled in small clay pots at Alberto's palenque, La Escondida.

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