Ardbeg Anthology 13 Year Old The Harpy’s Tale

Ardbeg Anthology 13 Year Old The Harpy’s Tale


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A marriage of whisky matured in sweet Sauternes wine casks, together with classic Ardbeg aged in ex-bourbon casks. Notes of smoked lemon peel soar alongside balsamic vinegar, before fresh apricots roll and bank into notes of tarry rope. First imagined only as a flight of fantasy, this a spirit that achieves the ultimate equilibrium between sweetness and smoke. A rare beast Ardbeg indeed…

A first for the Distillery and the first in this Anthology Collection, this spirit is the outcome of a battle between smoke and sweet. Ardbeg’s unmistakable character tussles with the richness of the Sauternes casks. Inspired by the seldom-seen Harpy - a winged beast said to inhabit Islay -  this bottled in an ode to the rarest and most.

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