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Batiste Rhum Gold

Batiste Rhum

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The second offering from Batiste Rhum, Gold starts as the same distinctively versatile sugar cane juice rhum as Silver, but is aged in Northern California for 3-6 months in charred rye whiskey barrels. The activated charcoal in the barrels acts as a purifier for this already exceptionally clean rhum, while the rye lends spice and vanilla notes. Nothing else is added, so the color is light as is the mouthfeel. Don't be fooled though, Batiste Gold is distinct enough to hold its own in any whiskey cocktail, be it a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or just on the rocks. But like its Silver cousin, it's also easily enjoyed with fresh juices and kombuchas. As with all Batiste products, sustainably made and eco-positive.

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