Boy Drinks World Arromatic Walnut Bitters (4 oz)

Boy Drinks World Arromatic Walnut Bitters (4 oz)

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A robust aromatic bitters with the richness of walnuts and a luxurious and complex blend aromatic and bitter herbs enticing in any cocktail.

Hand made in very small batches and barrel aged in San Diego, California with all natural ingredients.

These bitters combine an infusion of whole walnuts, black cardamom and licorice root to create a unique bitter that is nutty, oaky and subtly smokey with hints of of leather.

We recommend trying them with whiskey, gin and rum cocktails.

Pro-tip: Mixing multiple bitters in one cocktail can elevate to new heights, or as become your own version of a mad scientist try mixing two bitters into a single bottle for your own house bitters.

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