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Chopin Family Reserve Extra Rare Young Potato Vodka


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This vodka has hints of spice that accent a gentle, sweet musk. Its palate opens with a delicate earthy sweetness followed by understated notes of licorice and clove.

The Chopin story begins long before the spirit is bottled and placed on shelves. It all starts in the fields within 18 miles of Chopin’s century-old, family-owned distillery, located in eastern Poland. The Dorda family grows their own potatoes and works closely with 70 local farmers to purchase their naturally-grown potatoes (rye and wheat). When their tractors arrive at the distillery, the potatoes begin their journey to spirit within 72 hours of being delivered. The entire process of farm to bottle (fermentation, distilling, filtering, blending, settling and bottling) is carefully overseen by our Master Distiller of 40 years and takes a minimum of 6 months. Before our small-batch spirits ship around the world, they are personally inspected to ensure they meet our strict standards of product excellence then hand-packed. Like all quality products, we don’t want to rush it – and trust us – it’s worth the wait!

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