Citrus Distillers Jaguars 30th Anniversary Founding Whiskey

Citrus Distillers Jaguars 30th Anniversary Founding Whiskey

Citrus Distillers

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Introducing Citrus Distillers Jaguars 30th Anniversary Founding Whiskey, a remarkable tribute that celebrates three decades of the Jacksonville Jaguars' indomitable spirit. This limited-edition whiskey is a toast to the Jaguars' enduring legacy and the unwavering dedication of their fans.

Crafted with meticulous care and passion, Citrus Distillers Jaguars 30th Founding Anniversary Whiskey embodies the essence of the Jaguars' journey. From the first pour, this exceptional whiskey takes you on a sensory adventure, capturing the energy, excitement, and triumph associated with the team's remarkable 30-year history.

Indulge in the rich and complex flavors that define this commemorative whiskey. Expertly blended and aged to perfection, each sip reveals layers of decadence. A symphony of toasted oak, velvety caramel, and smooth vanilla dances on the palate, while subtle hints of spice and a touch of citrus add depth and intrigue.

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