Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Private Barrel Pick

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Private Barrel Pick

Elijah Craig

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Barrel Serial Number: 6664435

Proof 121.7

Age: 8 Years

Selected By: Main Street Liquor

Our Elijah Craig Private Barrel pick is a premium bourbon whiskey that has been aged for a full eight years to create a complex and well-rounded flavor profile. Bottled at a potent 121.7 proof, this bourbon packs a powerful punch with every sip.

Crafted using the finest hand-selected barrels, each bottle of Elijah Craig Private Barrel boasts a deep amber color and a rich, inviting aroma of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak. On the palate, the bourbon is bold and full-bodied, with flavors of honey, brown sugar, and a hint of spice that are perfectly balanced by the smoky, woody undertones.

Whether you're a whiskey enthusiast or simply looking for a top-quality bourbon to add to your collection, Elijah Craig Private Barrel is sure to impress. With its rich flavor, complex character, and impressive potency, this bourbon is a standout choice for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. So pour yourself a glass, sit back, and savor the bold, complex flavors of Elijah Craig Private Barrel.

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