DeBorgen Old Style Genever 17 Year Old

DeBorgen Old Style Genever 17 Year Old


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Our Old-Style Genever echoes the more refined distillation process of the 17th and 18th centuries. With the class is a taste of malt spirit, heavy on juniper berries and light on botanicals, this genever has a strong yet smooth flavor, making for a refined taste that is as popular now as it was 300 years ago.

To create a drink that is as accessible as it is sophisticated, we balance malt spirit that has been matured in oak for 17 years, juniper berry distillate that's been triple-distilled in copper, grain alcohol and unaged malt spirit. This beautifully silky combination is a product of patience and craftsmanship.

Nose: Subtle richness of wood, aniseed and warm spices.

Taste: Smooth and undoubtedly rich graininess, along with hints of juniper berry, warm spices and soft woody notes.

Finish: Elegant and pleasant, with woody tones and lingering spices.

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