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Dragon’s Milk Origin Small Batch Toasted Barrel Bourbon

Dragon’s Milk

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Long ago, the phrase HC SVNT DRACONES was used to denote mysterious and uncharted territories. This ominous warning kept many wary travelers at bay. To us, it became an invitation.

The story of Dragon’s Milk began by venturing into the unknown as one of the first innovators to age beer in bourbon casks. Now we travel further…exploring the spirit that crafted a legend.

In a modern world dominated by column still bourbon, we again opted for the road less traveled -  distilling on a prohibition-era pot still. This traditional method allowed us to produce true small-batch bourbon, always bottled at the pinnacle of flavor in batches of 100 barrels or less. The result is a whiskey that offers a rich body and complex flavor made to be savored.

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