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Eight Beer By Troy Aikman

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To make the best, we tapped the best. Thanks to the tireless work of brewing scientists at Oregon State University, we created something that makes us all proud.

Quality in, quality out. Brewing with organic grains and without adjuncts is more expensive, but over time, if more brewers adopt the practice, the market will respond. We look forward to the day when quality reigns supreme.

For centuries, brewers have known that hops provide flavor and are packed full of helpful properties. We chose hops that maximize those properties, rich in antioxidants. Can you say “Xanthohumol” five times fast?

It’s not just what you brew, it’s how you brew it, that matters. Our beer applies modern techniques to the purest ingredients to achieve a genuinely elite expression.

  • Two years of experimentation
  • Made with organic grains
  • Antioxidant-rich hops
  • 90 calories. 2.6g carbs.
  • No adjuncts. No sugars.
  • No shortcuts. No excuses.
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