George T. Stagg Bourbon 2023 Release

George T. Stagg Bourbon 2023 Release

Buffalo Trace

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Behold the 2023 George T. Stagg, a bold and formidable bourbon boasting an impressive 135 proof. This exceptional spirit was distilled in the vibrant spring of 2008, and its journey to perfection took place within the hallowed walls of Warehouses C, I, K, L, and M.

Prepare your senses for an aromatic adventure with delightful hints of cinnamon and cherry cola on the nose. As you sip this 15 years and 4-months-old powerhouse, you'll be treated to a masterful blend of flavors that include notes of leather, chocolate, and vanilla, creating a beautifully balanced palate. The journey culminates with a robust and earthy finish, leaving a lasting impression.

Notably, the previous season's George T. Stagg earned the prestigious title of "Best American Whisky" at the 2023 International Whisky Competition, a testament to the outstanding quality and craftsmanship that defines this exceptional bourbon. Elevate your whiskey collection with this award-winning masterpiece, a true gem in the world of American whisky.

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