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Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

Highland Park

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A permanent addition to our age-led portfolio from an award-winning distillery with a long history dating back to 1798. Highland Park 15 Year Old is created from casks hand-selected by Gordon Motion, our Master Whisky Maker.

The high percentage of first-fill European oak sherry seasoned casks helps deliver a warm, dry spicy note whilst first-fill American oak sherry seasoned casks back this up with notes of vanilla and crème Brulee. Finally, the refill casks allow the DNA of Highland Park whisky to shine through, namely its gentle heather peat and lightly fruity character.

Highland Park 15 Year Old is packaged in a bespoke ceramic bottle created by renowned UK ceramic specialists Wade. The bottle is recyclable. Wade practices sustainable manufacturing. The ceramics are made from fully vitrified porcelain. Wherever possible, raw materials are locally sourced to the factory in which a product line is made, and equally, wherever possible, waste materials are carefully recycled. Their porcelain is lead-free (Proposition 65), 100% food safe and ISO9001:2015 certified.

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