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IXA Anejo Tequila

Greenbar Distillery

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HOW COULD WE MAKE A BETTER AÑEJO—ALL FLAVOR, NO BURN? By combining the best techniques of artisan tequila and modern wine making Opens with notes of baked apple followed by toasted wood, caramel and spices. Mature agave, slow cooked in clay ovens and whole fiber fermentation provide complex, robust flavor. California winemaking techniques add a velvety finish, while aging in new and rye barrels expand the flavor profile.

DESCRIPTION: A rich, complex aged tequila that delivers flavor over burn

TASTING NOTES: Baked apple & clay balanced by wood, caramel & spices

INGREDIENTS: 100% blue agave WOOD: New and ex rye American oak barrels

GRAND ANEJO 2 oz IXA Anejo Tequila 1 oz FRUITLAB Orange Liqueur 1 oz GRAND POPPY Bitter Liqueur Shake & pour into rocks glass Garnish with orange wedge

REVIEW “This certified organic tequila has a bold pineapple fragrance, with a hint of vanilla. More vanilla shows on the palate, plus caramel, toffee and a warm, toasty flavor reminiscent of roasted coffee beans, finishing with an explosion of clove and black pepper.” Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast

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