Jefferson’s Presidential Select 16 Year Old Bourbon Jefferson's

Jefferson’s Presidential Select 16 Year Old


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This exceptionally rare expression of Jefferson’s Bourbon has been bottled in extremely limited quantities.Only 10,000 bottles have been produced worldwide for this release making it a collectable classic. TASTING NOTES As with several other coveted products in the Jefferson’s portfolio, Jefferson’s Presidential Select 16 Year Old underwent a unique aging process. The bourbon, which started as a straight Kentucky Bourbon whiskey, was first fully matured for 10 years in new American Oak casks. From there, the bourbon was aged for an additional six years in fresh casks. The resulting product retains the bright notes found in a classic bourbon but adds a depth of flavor and complexity that can be gained only through long years of extra aging in new barrels. Tasting notes for the Jefferson’s Presidential Select 16 Year Old include an orange spice and vanilla aroma, with hints of tobacco, leather and spice, and warm molasses on the finish.
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