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Leopold Bros American Orange Liqueur

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Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur is pot distilled using two types of citrus peels: Curaçao from Haiti and Bergamot from Italy. The distillate is rested in glass carboys, which softens the flavors and relaxes the mouthfeel, and then blended with cane sugar, Belgian candy sugar, and agave to give the spirit a sweetness that maintains a relatively dry finish. The finished product is laden with intriguing aromas of persimmon, coconut custard, medicinal bark, Alpine flowers, and orange spice cake with a tingling moderately sweet peppered honeydew, prickly pear pepper jelly, and sharp herb and orange rind snap on the finish. When used in classic cocktails, the aroma of our American Orange Liqueur lends a bright depth of flavor and aroma that you won’t find in any other orange liqueur in the world.

The most striking aspect of this liqueur is its use of real Bergamot oranges. All Leopold Brothers liqueurs are made from real fruit, between two and six pounds depending on the season.

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