Oak & Eden Anthro Series 4 Grain & Peach

Oak & Eden Anthro Series 4 Grain & Peach

Oak & Eden

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Oak & Eden Anthro Series 4 Grain & Peach Bourbon Whiskey is a fusion of innovation and tradition, this bourbon boasts a foundation of 4 grains, aged in French Oak barrels for a captivating depth. What sets it apart is the finishing touch – an oak spiral soaked in peach liqueur, infusing the spirit with a lush, orchard-fresh peach essence.

With a medium fire, this bourbon delivers a harmonious balance of warmth and flavor. The aroma of ripe peaches entices, while the interplay of grains offers complexity. Savor the exquisite taste of sweet peach, oak, and impeccably smooth bourbon with each sip.

Oak & Eden Anthro Series 4 Grain & Peach redefines the art of blending, combining nature's finest with masterful craftsmanship. Indulge in a sensory journey that marries tradition and innovation in perfect harmony, creating a whiskey experience like no other.

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