Purity Organic Old Tom Gin

Purity Organic Old Tom Gin

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A sweet, smooth spirit with bold flavors, the taste of juniper is complemented by the floral, herbaceous notes of basil, thyme and botanicals. The finish has a pleasant roundedness, thanks to the subtle aftertaste of Nordic lingonberries and blueberries.

An Old Tom is the original style of gin that made London go wild in the 18th century. In our recipe, we take that sweet softness and blend it with organic botanicals that explode in full blossom to make your cocktails sing. A natural for summer cocktails, Old Tom pairs perfectly with any mixer and loves tangy citrus flavors.

Popular in 18th century Britain, Old Tom gin is slightly sweeter than London Dry thanks to a dash of sugar. According to legend, Old Tom got its name from 18th century London gin shops, which, to circumvent the rules imposed by the Gin Act of 1736, would operate in secret. Gin lovers would place a coin in a hidden slot and receive a covert glass of the spirit.

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