Quest’s End Paladin Bourbon

Quest’s End Paladin Bourbon

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Introducing the Dungeons and Dragons Paladin Bourbon, a remarkable collaboration between actor Matthew Lillard, famed for his iconic role as Shaggy, screenwriter Justin Ware, and Blue Run Spirits. This exceptional bourbon is an ode to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, specifically crafted to pay homage to the valiant Paladin character subtype. Inspired by Sarin of the Pit, a Paladin devoted to the god of life, Inxa, this straight bourbon whiskey captures the essence of her indomitable fighting spirit.

Crafted at 100 proof, Quest’s End Paladin Bourbon is a skillful blend of meticulously selected straight bourbons hailing from Kentucky and Indiana. The flavor profile boasts enticing tasting notes that delicately balance a hint of spice, mirroring the character's tenacity. Each bottle is not only a vessel for this exceptional bourbon but also a canvas for the intricate artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator Tyler Jacobson.

Embark on a unique journey with every sip as you follow the hit points marked on the bottle, symbolizing your progression towards strength, much like the Paladin's unwavering resolve. With its meticulously designed bottle and captivating story, the Paladin Bourbon offers an unparalleled unboxing experience. Join Matthew Lillard and Blue Run Spirits in celebrating the realm of Dungeons and Dragons with this extraordinary bourbon that brings together the worlds of fantasy and craft distillation.

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