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Samaroli Caol Ila Single Malt Scotch 2009


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This time, we marry up mythical Aquitaine with our Scotland. Let’s enjoy a barrel of a Great Chateau which has consolidated and matured over 12 years -  the strength and the character of an Islay malt/ Aging of the highest quality delivers a peaty result able to catty itself with utmost elegance. Speaking via silences rather than noise, it glides through our nostrils and the palate as it asks for forgiveness. Complex minerals are the master notes, sustaining the aromatic structural ensemble which supports and accompanies: fragrant as toasted grains, like hands caressing the spikelets on a summer afternoon. Tones of officinal herbs, vanilla, leather in the background and liquorice complete the bouquet, all enhanced by an elegant and intriguing touch of Bordeaux.

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