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Tequila Corazon De Agave Anejo

Corazon Tequila

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Aged in American oak barrels for 2 years allowing the Añejo to fully mature. This process absorbs and captures the natural essences imparted by the oak. Made from only 100% agave using only the highest quality plants and all natural juices from the heart of the agave. Contains no artificial ingredients. Oxygen is infused into Corazón de Agave Tequila after the second distillation producing a spirit that is softer and more approachable with enhanced aroma and distinct flavors. TASTING NOTES "True notes of cooked agave and oak lend to a fruity pineapple at the end of the nose. Then the first sip smacks you in the face with white pepper and more oak followed by soft notes of tobacco and mint. Some sweet spice notes appear on the finish as it ends just a touch bitter and dry." - Distiller.com
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