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ARTISAN CRAFTED SMOKED SIPPING TEQUILA. Inspired by the all-natural ancestral tequila making method, our Weber Blue Agave pinas are slow smoked in an Earthen stone oven, using reclaimed wood and lava rock. The juice is twice distilled with spring water from the vast Cienega region of Mexico and we never use a diffuser or additives in our process. The result - an ultra-premium smoked blanco tequila with highlights of vanilla and a smoky bouquet. Our agave is non-GMO and grown to maturity without the use of pesticides in the lowlands of Jalisco.

How we give back:  In honor of the legendary Yellowstone wolf, O-Six, killed by a trophy hunter in 2012, The Smoke Label is dedicated to protecting those without a voice. 5% of net proceeds benefits wolf conservation. Sip neat or visit for the founder’s original cocktail recipes.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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