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HOW COULD WE MAKE AMORE VELVETY VODKA WITHOUT ADDITIVES? By combining midwestern wheat with California pomegranate. Better together: two ingredients destined to be one. TRU Vodka unites grain and fruit for a light, clean & full- bodied spirit with a creamy finish. This modern vodka provides greater balance & mouthfeel than either base ingredient can on its own.

DESCRIPTION: A new kind of vodka that combines smooth and clean flavor with nuanced texture

TASTING NOTES: Full bodied and light with a clean, creamy finish

INGREDIENTS: Wheat and pomegranate

MELROSE MULE 1 oz TRU Vodka 1 oz FRUITLAB Ginger Liqueur 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz simple syrup Shake & pour into tall glass. Top with 2 oz club soda Garnish with lime & mint

REVIEW “TRU Organic Straight Vodka is distilled from American wheat and cut with water. That’s it, just two ingredients. On the nose, it’s light and clean, with mild notes of grain. Take a sip, and the mouthfeel is very light, almost like you’re drinking water. Some flavor does shine through, including sweet earthy notes and a touch of pepper, but this is largely a neutral vodka. It finishes clean and easy.” Kevin Grey, Cocktail Enthusiast

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