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Very Old Goat 20 Year Old Light Whiskey

Dancing Goat Distillery

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Must’ve been around the time we decided to get serious around here we got a call from Uncle B. He let us know about a treasure trove of aged whiskey that had become available out of Indiana. Maybe they forgot about the stuff because everyone was so wild on Bourbon, light whiskey had just fallen to the wayside. So far to the side, it ended up a decade and a half old before anyone noticed! My Daddy and I had been looking for some unique aged inventory for our library and this stuff fit the bill, there was only one problem: it was a touch bitter four our preferences. Knowing we had magic wands to wave and spells cast, we brought it in and began finishing the whiskey to provide more body, nuance, and sweetness. We landed on a port finish and never came back. There are not many bottles of this whiskey, and there won’t be many more. It’s special, just like you. With love from Cambridge, Wisconsin.

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