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WESAKE Junmai Ginjo Sake by Brooklyn Peltz Beckham


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WESAKE Japanese Ginjo Sake by Brooklyn Peltz Beckham is a premium-grade Japanese Junmai Ginjo sake in a can that is crisp, smooth, and easy to drink. Elegant for seasoned sake drinkers, but bright fun, and easy for those starting to drink it. Each can has 200ml of pure sake with 13% ABV.

Our Process

Our premium-grade sake is crafted in a 280-year-old brewery in the prestigious sake brewing region of Kobe, Japan using only 4 simple and clean ingredients.

About Us

"Our team is passionate about making sake more accessible and approachable for consumers who are looking for ways to drink it differently." - Brooklyn Peltz Beckham

Brewed in Kobe, Japan

This prestigious region of Japan offers locally grown sake rice, pristine natural spring water, cold winds from the mountains, and a thousand year old brewing culture.

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