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Western Reserve Organic Reposado Agave Spirit

Western Reserve Distillers

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Yes. Agave Spirit. Because once it’s made outside of Mexico, it can’t be called Tequila…

After four years of hard work, we bring to you what we believe to be one of the best organic agave spirits distilled north of the Mexican border. Made with 100% Organic Blue Weber Agave from Jalisco, Mexico, it comes to us in fresh concentrate form where we follow the time honored tradition of fermentation and distillation used for hundreds of years in tequila production. Time and attention was taken to grow and harvest this beautiful plant so we take that same time and attention to create an organic agave spirit just like the worlds finest tequilas.


NOSE: cooked agave, sweet, light smoke

PALATE: spice, coffee, faint smoke

FINISH: pleasant and silky smooth, great sipper

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