Wild Turkey Generations Kentucky Straight Bourbon 2023 Release

Wild Turkey Generations Kentucky Straight Bourbon 2023 Release

Wild Turkey

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In our family, making bourbon isn’t a job, it’s a rite of passage. A skill passed down from father - and grandfather - to son. But making bourbon isn’t just about knowing history and, in our case, knowing family and understanding the responsibility that comes with standing behind The Wild Turkey name.

Generations is a tribute to the trust - and love and support - that’s passed down through family. It’s a passion realized time and time again, a passion that a father recognizes and unlocks in his son. It’s an appreciation of the moment that the connection between a parent and child shifts from hierarchy to colleagues, the moment when a mentor sees his hard work pay off. The bourbon in this bottle is the product of three generations working as one team.

This spirit is a blend of hand-selected 9, 12, 14, and 15-year bourbons, each one representing our individual tastes. Some are bold and complex, some are more honeyed and vanilla-laden. Together, it’s a family portrait, a collective of individuals with a common love for whiskey. Maybe it’s genetic. We hope that when you crack open this bottle, you will raise your glass to honor our commitment to The Wild Turkey legacy. And each other.

- Jimmy, Eddie, and Bruce

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